Read to the Rhythm Summer Reading Program

Waltz on in the library on Monday, June 8 and sign up for the Read to the Rhythm summer reading program. Throughout the summer, the library will be bursting with fun activities including Movie Mondays, Crafty Tuesdays, Wiggle Time Thursdays, and Activity Thursdays. Earn prizes as you read this summer! Read to Me Program is open up to kids between the ages of 0 to Kindergarten and the Children’s Reading Program is open up to kids in 1st grade to 8th grade.



But that’s not all!! Adults and teens are also encouraged to join the Read to the Rhythm summer reading program! Play reading BINGO and earn tickets into a drawing for a chance to win a gift card from the surrounding stores, restaurants, gas stations, and more!!  

Pay Your Fines From the Comfort of Home!

Have overdue fines or fees but don't have time to stop in the library to pay them? Don't fret! You are now able to pay your fines online through our catalog, powered by e-commerce.     


1. Start by logging in your account on the Charles B. Phillips Library Catalog, second tab on the top of the Charles B. Phillips library homepage.

2. Click your name on the top right corner to view your account information. 

3. Then click the Fines/Fees (third option down).

4. Fill out the infotmation to pay.

5. After completing step 4, you account will be cleared and fine free!


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